Being aware of acoustic vs. electric performances for scheduling the Swan upstairs vs. downstairs.

2) More training for stage manager volunteers – one or more meetings

3) Explore new venues for expansion – Danforth Music Hall? Do they do matinées?

  1. Brian to contact venues by end of Sept.

4) To schedule in-person training for Jen and Kevin with volunteers

5) Volunteer Web Form:

  1. Remove “Monday” as an option to volunteer on the website form
  2. Add: How many shifts and which ones – also note that in order to receive and honorarium volunteer must put in 12 hours min. to qualify
  3. Add “Artist Registration” as a job option
  4. Add “on site social media” as a job option (need someone on site managing social media)

6) Add an extra walkie-talkie to mission command that just stays there

7) Donuts and coffee budget for volunteers

8) Swag – look into options for hats, lanyards, toques, etc.

9) Add “lead sources” on all ticket forms for tracking marketing

10) Stage sign at Dora Keoghs should be lower

11) Business cards for recruiting volunteers – Brian Will get original artwork from Gladstone Media a. larger font

12) Contact Paul Cross for volunteer opportunities /emcees

Following send via email by Kevin who was absent from the meeting

Based on my 4 years of tech directing at WF, last year was our most successful year in terms of sound quality and volunteer participation which exceeded expectations. Technical difficulties were substantially minimized by paid ‘sound techs’ who worked the 2nd floor Black Swan and assisted me personally. Much credit is due to your willingness to place increasing importance on the overall quality of the Winterfolk sound experience for our loyal audience. 

Many of our sound volunteers return faithfully from year to year or provide services for the first time, however typically do not possess the needed skills to troubleshoot problems under pressure – as evidenced by several occasions at WF 2016 when stage management problems and quick band turnovers overwhelmed volunteers causing technical problems. 

Performance stages of primary importance include: Black Swan (1st and 2nd floor), Dora Keogh and Terrio’s. It appears Mambo and The Globe are adequately taken care of with volunteers and sound contracting. 

Possible improvement for consideration:

Hiring experienced sound techs at the above mentioned 4 stages for dedicated sound consistency and quality, provide volunteer mentorship, boost morale and relief for tired volunteers who are not able to endure multiple shifts.

More often than not, volunteers systematically drop out over the WF weekend and we are left with a ‘skeleton’ sound crew on Sunday with limited support especially at teardown. 

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