Volunteer Duties Explained

Volunteer Duties

All Volunteers

• Arrive on time and check in at the Wanda’s Pie in the Sky Bakery, 287 Augusta Ave., before going to your post
• You are representing Winterfolk, so please be courteous and helpful to patrons, artists and the staff at venues, in order to leave them with a positive impression
• During performances keep conversations quiet and to a minimum
• Please silence your cell phone and only use it when necessary, while on shift
• Familiarize yourself with the locations of the various venues so that you can direct people to them
• If you are unable to help someone or answer a question please refer them to someone who can, or to the Festival Reception area at 


• Greet patrons as they arrive and cheerfully engage in light conversation between performances; you are their main contact with the festival, please make them feel welcome
• Check that everyone entering the venue has a wristband
• Sell Wristbands
• Hand out festival programs that include the schedule
• Never leave the cashbox unattended!
– Do not even go a few steps away, it should be within arm’s reach at all times
– If you need to step away from the door for a moment, take it with you or ask another volunteer to sit in your place
• Most venues have an arrangement with the festival that their “regular” customers can come in without a wristband
• Familiarize yourself with the locations of the various venues so that you can direct people to them
• Ask patrons if they want to be added to the email list and ask them to sign the list.
• You will be introduced to the collection person, who will visit several times during the shift and reconcile and collect cash, then count and issue more wristbands for sale. This is the only person authorized to collect the gate.

Instrument Check

• Securely store instruments for performers.
• Using paired tickets, secure one ticket to each item and give the other one to the artist
• Write the artist’s name on masking tape, and attach to the instrument.
• Store equipment in a space-effective way
• Make sure instruments will not fall and are not in danger of being damaged
• Only return instruments and gear, ask to see artist ID to ensure the name is correct, in exchange for tickets with corresponding numbers

Stage Manager

• Ensure next performer is there before the set. (Check if artist has back-to-back sets).
• Notify HQ if artist not present. They will need to inform the Artist Liaison or their assistant.
• Keep the timing of each performers’ sets.
• Sets must start on time.
• Advise artists at 20 minutes before the hour, of 5 minutes left for their performance. Give them the ‘one more song’ alert.
• Sets should end 15 minutes before the hour to allow time to remove equipment and set up for the next artist (regardless if they started late, the finish time is fixed)
• Help performers off stage with equipment
• Facilitate next performer getting on stage to set up
• Make sure artists have water and other things they need on stage
• Be ready to help the sound tech with mic adjustments etc if there’s no “Sound Assistant”
• Can fill in for MC if not present.


• Sign in and be ready to fill in at a door, merchandise sales, instrument check or as a stage manager.
• Work closely with volunteer coordinator to ensure that all areas have adequate coverage and are running smoothly
• Go to each venue and give the volunteers there a break
• Keep volunteer coordinator notified of your whereabouts so that they can find you if they need you

MC – Master of Ceremonies:

• Welcome the crowd.
• Reading from the script – Thank the sponsors of the event
• Mention ticketed performances
• Mention the CD store & location
• Introduce the next performer with a little background info (bios to be provided)
• Perform Stage Manager duties if there isn’t one at the venue
– When a community group brings their own organizer the MC will ensure that they don’t run over time by working closely with them to establish and maintain their performance schedule.
– At small venues with solo performers the MC will keep time and help them get set up etc.

Sound Assistant

• Take direction from Sound Tech
• Assist artists to set up and tear down their equipment where needed. Please be respectful of the tech gear and artists’ equipment
• Help the Sound Tech and artists with equipment adjustments during the set where needed
• Help Sound Tech keep cables and stage clear and organized
• May need to cover the board for short periods
• Set up at beginning of day and tear down of equipment at night, where needed
• Act as “runner” if sound tech is troubleshooting and needs extra equipment from another venue

Artist Volunteer Check In

• Cheerfully greet all who are checking in
• Find their name on the appropriate list and give them the appropriate wristband
• Verify volunteer shifts, fill out welcome form and give it to them along with description of duties and script for MCs
• Offer performance schedules
• Give directions and answer questions

Artist Check Out

• After artists have completed their last performance they can receive their cheque. If they need their cheque prior to their last performance for a particular reason, that’s OK.
• Find their name on the list and have them sign in the space provided

Media Table

• The media person would be assisting the festival publicist with media who are attending the fest for reviews/interviews and taking footage of the concerts.
• Keep a media guest list, (provided by the festival publicist) and take note of all who arrive and when.
• Person at the media table is to welcome media (the publicist will provide a list of media attending) and alert the publicist to their presence/escort them to a particular stage or location if needed.
• Along with the publicist, they will help facilitate any interviews which will happen at the media area – provided we have room for a “media area.” Usually there isn’t room in the front at Wanda’s Pie in the Sky Bakery, 287 Augusta Ave.so these take place in suitable areas decided on, at the point.
•Give the media list to the publicist at the end of the festival.

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