Winterfolk XXIIGreeter’s Script

Once you know the script, you can use your own words.

Hey there and welcome to Winterfolk! I’m here to give you the lowdown on everything happening today.

First up, if you’ve got an instrument with you, we’ve got a spot to check it in when you don’t need it. You’ll find it over there by the instrument check-in.

Now, if you’re wondering where the washrooms are, they’re right around the corner, easy to spot.

The Mainstage you’re in right now will keep rocking until midnight, so there’s plenty of music to enjoy.

Plus, we’ve got two other stages upstairs. One’s for workshops and the other’s an open stage for any artists itching to perform. Both will be running until 6:00. The staircase to the second floor is right over there, so you won’t miss it.

Upstairs, there’s also a lounge that’s open to everyone, till midnight. Who knows, you might just bump into your favorite artists there, grab some cool merchandise, and have a blast.

Keep an eye out for those Winterfolk posters—they’ve got QR codes that lead you to the performance schedule, so you won’t miss a beat.

Feeling hungry? We’ve got a bunch of dining options just a short walk away. If you need specifics, I can fill you in.

There are some great restaurants within a 5-minute walk of the Redwood Theatre.

    • Heading west, (Turn Right on Gerrard) there is Tea and Bannock (indigenous food), Sushi on Gerrard (Sushi), Jingle Pear Deli (Vegan), and Maha’s (Egyptian brunch).
    • Heading east, (Turn left on Gerrard) we have our French Café Le Conci (sandwiches, pastries), Good Behaviour (Fancy subs), Leela (Indian).
    • Check out for even more options in the area.”

And hey, if you have any questions at all, look for volunteers like me with the white badges.

We’re here to make your experience awesome, so don’t hesitate to ask us anything. Enjoy your time at Winterfolk!

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