MC Script 9:00 – Midnight – Judy Perly

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 MC SCRIPT Judy Perly 9-Midnight

Introduce Self

Hello and welcome once again to the 22nd Annual Winterfolk Festival, now featuring its first-ever Spring Edition! We’re thrilled to have you here at Toronto’s historic Redwood Theatre.

Don’t forget to visit our cozy lounge on the second floor, open until midnight, where you might just have the chance to mingle with your favorite musicians and friends. Artists may even drop hints about their lounge visits, or feel free to ask them directly.

Our dedicated team of volunteers is working hard to ensure Winterfolk is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for everyone in the music community.

If you have any questions or need more information, look out for our friendly greeters—they’re easily recognizable by their bright white Winterfolk Badge of honor. Don’t forget to hug a volunteer.

There are posters around the room which contain a QR link to the performance schedule on your devices.

To make sure everyone has a great time, we kindly ask that noise levels are kept to a minimum while artists are performing. Sets start at the beginning of each hour and last about 45 minutes, with a 15-minute break between sets.

Winterfolk extends its gratitude to our sponsors whose financial support has made this event possible. A big thank you to the Government of Canada, Long & McQuade Musical Instruments, and the Socan Foundation.

Enjoy the festival, and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team!

9:00 Gary Kendall Trio

When Gary Kendall goes to work, he drives to the airport to get on a plane or slips behind the wheel of his car to travel a few hours down the highway to the next gig.  In 2023 he began to feel like he needed a place to play close to home when not on the road.

The perfect scenario would be a funky club no more than 10 minutes out of his driveway.  Knowing that the neighborhood joints in Toronto`s east side would have limited resources the trio format was the best bet.  Tyler Burgess and Teddy Leonard, two longtime musical collaborators received the call and after the first gig it was obvious that The Gary Kendall Trio HAD SOMETHING.  Something to develop and take to another level.  It sounds right, feels right and looks right

Get ready, this hot little three piece is on the move!!!

Featuring Gary Kendall bass/vocals/composer, Teddy Leonard guitar/vocals/composer, Tyler Burgess drums/harmonica/vocals/composer

10:00  – Tony Springer, also known as Tony “Wild T” Springer, is a highly acclaimed Canadian guitarist whose musical journey began in Toronto. His innovative style fuses blues, rock, funk, and soul seamlessly, showcasing his versatility and depth as a musician. Springer gained prominence in the 1980s as the lead guitarist and vocalist for “Wild T and the Spirit,” a band known for their electrifying performances and unique blend of rock and blues. His soulful guitar solos and emotive vocals became defining features of the band’s sound, earning them critical acclaim and a devoted following.

11:00 Garnetta Cromwell and daGroovemasters

GARNETTA CROMWELL & DaGROOVMASTERS is a classic soulful Blues Band that delivers a high-energy show. They are a reflection of Canada’s multicultural society.

GARNETTA CROMWELL & DaGROOVMASTERS won the Toronto Blues Society’s Talent Search (July 2022).  They have competed at the International Blues Challenge, and performed at the 24th Annual Southside Shuffle (September 2022). Garnetta performed at the 35th Annual Women’s Blues Revue held at Massey Hall, on November 25, 2022, where she received a full standing ovation, and has since been invited back to the 36th Annual Women’s Blues Revue – and many many more.


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