• About to release his 40th album “Heritage Sessions”
  • Composer of “Frobisher Bay” which has become a Canadian classic with over 100 covers worldwide
James Gordon

James Gordon

Co-founder of legendary folk trio Tamarack, Guelph-based James Gordon has gone on to a thriving solo career with more than 1500 songs, 40 albums, 12 years as CBC Radio songwriter-in-residence and and relentless world-wide touring to his credit. With a handful of songs that have become part of the standard Canadian repertoire like “Frobisher Bay” and “Mining For Gold”, James continues to write songs with social justice, environmental and “Canadian Identity”themes.

His newest album on Borealis Records, “The Heritage Hall Sessions”sees him collaborating with old musical compadres Ian Bell, Jeff Bird, Anne Lindsay, Tannis Slimmon, and Katherine Wheatley.

He has another life now as a city councillor in his hometown, where he continues the community-building he’s been doing in the so-called music business for decades.


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