Brian Gladstone is an analogue techno-hippie trapped in a digital world. 

  • Gladstone’s five albums have all gained worldwide acclaim and global airplay.
  • Brian Gladstone is the founder and active festival director for Winterfolk, an annual blues and roots festival in Toronto

Brian Gladstone is a world class fingerstyle guitar player, a an intuitive songwriter who not bound by conventions, a lyricist who can invoke a plethora of emotions in a single verse, and a dynamic performer who engages and entertains his audiences. 

Gladstone’s 5 albums have all garnered world wide acclaim, and have received prime time rotation on 5 continents. Several of Brian’s tunes are licensed for a prime time BBC series, he has 2 record deals with US labels, and his second album ‘Psychedelic Pholk Psongs’ had 4 tunes on European country charts!

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