Hi Everyone,

We would like to congratulate the winners of the Winterfolk Festival auditions held at Buggy's Diner – Stouffville, ON this past Sunday, Nov 11


JULIAN TAYLOR http://ca.myspace.com/juliandeantaylor
GLEN MARAIS http://ca.myspace.com/glennmarais

Julian Taylor and Glen Marais will be featured at the upcoming Winterfolk Festival which runs Feb 14-17, 2012.

Come to the festival and check them out!


EVERYBODY WAVE http://www.everybodywave.com POOR TOM www.poortom.ca/

Many thanks to all of the talented artists who auditioned and thoroughly entertained!

Thanks to MCMike burns who did a fabulous job of keeping everything going smoothly. Thanks to Buggy at Buggy's Diner and all the staff for their support. Thanks also go to the audience for participating in the voting process and for helping to make it an exciting and successful event.

The Winterfolk Team

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