Take more decades of performing than the guys like to admit; add born in the bone raw talent to instrumental virtuosity, stunning harmonies, endless on-stage energy and thoughtful, thought provoking lyrics and you have arrived at the “End of the Road”.    
  • Perpetual entertainers for the Canada Day Boat Cruise for the Festival of the Sound in Parry Sound Ontario.    
A diverse mix of traditional, maritime, folk and bluegrass is perhaps the most accurate description of the music of “End of the Road”. This trio of talented musicians has been entertaining enthusiastic audiences throughout Ontario and the Maritimes for many years both individually and as former members of “John Prince & a Piece of the Rock.
The new project, “End of the Road” provides the perfect stage to showcase their talents as they perform old favorites and a large and growing repertoire of original compositions written by John Prince. Their strong vocal harmonies and lyrical melodies present a memorable musical experience that leaves audiences yearning for more.    
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