Winterfolk Fingerstyle Guitar Competition

Date and Time

February 16, 2014. 1:00 PM Start. Room to be advised.


First Prize $500.00, Second Price $250.00, Third Prize $125.00


Send an email to to advise us you want to compete.

Don’t attach audio files to the email, but send a link to your website or other web presence/site that has audio/YouTube links, also include your calendar, photo, and brief bio. We will select 24 artists plus standbys to compete, and all will be notified prior to January 11, 2014. 

On Stage

  • All players must have a festival admission wristband
  • Artists will be introduced by name.**
  • Artists are encouraged not to speak to the audience, as it lessens playing time and is not part of the selection criteria.
  • Must play instruments acoustically into a microphone. An instrument’s electrical capability cannot be used.
  • May retune your instrument between instrumental numbers using a portable electronic tuner.
  • Only one instrument allowed on stage for each contestant.
  • Maximum stage time of 6 minutes.Contestants should be prepared to play four instrumental numbers -​ Two numbers will be played in the first round of competition, and the other two in the final round should the contestant be selected as a semi-finalist.
  • After all 24 contestants have performed there will be a recess where the judges will pick only 5 contestants to be semi-finalists.
  • The 5 chosen semi-finalists will enter into a 2nd round of performances where they will each play 2 numbers.
  • After the 5 semi-finalists have performed there will be a short recess where the top 3 will be chosen by the judges.
  • From the stage, the master of ceremonies will announce the top 3 winners where they will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.
  • All decisions are final!​

Selection Criteria

In an effort to judge the contest objectively and equally, the following criteria will be considered by the judges and assigned numbers as follows:



Arrangement 30 Contestant’s version and interpretation. Is it appropriate to the tune and instrument? Difficulty factor, originality, etc.
Execution 30 Tuning, technique, timing, fingering, picking and dynamics will be considered.
Entertainment Value 20 Excitement, emotion, energy, expression.
Overall Impression 20 Stage presence, audience rapport and reaction, presentation, etc.

Playing Style


  • May use thumb or finger picks. Flat picks may be used only in combination with fingers.
  • May play any style of music.
  • Standard/traditional acoustic 6-string or standard/traditional acoustic 12-string arch top or flat top guitars with either steel or nylon strings are allowed.
  • Flatpicking and slide techniques are not accepted.
  • Standard or traditional style capos may be used, but no capos which allow the alteration of individual strings. If used, capos must be applied across all strings.

** Some guitar competitions choose to locate the judges in a separate room so they cannot see the artists, nor do they know the names of the artists.

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