Feb 22 – 24, 2019

Wayne Neon

Wayne Neon

Dec 7, 2016

Wayne Neon is a singer/songwriter, composer, arranger and bandleader, a multi-instrumentalist who sings lead and harmony and plays guitar, flute, saxophones, and hand percussion.    

  • Folksinger Humdinger.    
  • World’s Oldest Rookie.    
  • Still Waiting To Be Discovered.    
Wayne Neon is the illegitimate love child of Bob Dylan and Duke Ellington. Based in Toronto, his evil plan is to conquer the universe.
Memorable melodies, clever lyrics, rich voices, and solid rhythms are his hang-ups. His laser focused folk, jazz, blues, rock, skiffle, country, mariachi, English Beat, Motown, Dixieland, Honky Tonk, shuffle, pop, beach party, lounge music gives new meaning to the word eclectic. What they all have in common is a damn good time. Except for the miserable, depressing songs, which is most of them. Wayne Neon is a multi-instrumentalist, who sings lead and harmony, plays guitar, flute, saxophones, and hand percussion. Wayne Neon is an arranger and bandleader who will provide music for any occasion and any budget.    

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