Nicole 'Songbird' Coward

Nicole ‘Songbird’ Coward

Songs that are simple but expressive, performances that are soft but powerful, Nicole Coward’s music will leave you feeling inspired, moved and uplifted.

  • Nicole Coward’s latest album “Strong Enough For Love” was added to playlists in over 100 radio stations across Canada, the US and the UK.     
  • Nicole Coward’s latest single “Why Dont You Care” released November 30th, 2015 gets international radio play.     
  • A Winterfolk first! Nicole Coward’s show is streamed LIVE to the world on (waiting for confirmation of this).     
Nicole Coward grew up listening to Folk artists such as Peter, Paul and Mary and Gordon Lightfoot, and her voice has a nostalgic tinge of that era. She studied classically for over 8 years on piano, flute and french horn, in places such as the University of Toronto and at the Royal Conservatory of Music. She has released two albums “Why Dont You Care” in 2012 with producer Steve Sherman and “Strong Enough For Love” in 2014, which includes Nicole’s remake of the Lightfoot classic “Pussywillows cat-tails”. The album was added to playlists in over 100 radio stations across North America and the UK, received a CMJ add in its first week of radio promotions and was in the top 20 in the charts at KAOS radio and The Scope. Her new single released November 30th 2015, a more contemporary remake of “Why Dont You Care” is getting airplay on radio stations all over the world. Nicole is a regular performer at a variety of places such as Humble Beginnings restaurant, Canada Blooms, the prestigious Couples Resort and she has a very devoted following on her LIVE ONLINE shows on

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