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When you register to view the stream for Winterfolk online February 18, 19, 20, 2022, you will receive your private credentials via email including log-in data, as well as password.

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About Winterfolk

This is Winterfolk’s 20th Annual Festival.  How Cool is that?

  • Winterfolk is a registered non profit organization in the province of Ontario, since 2003.
  • In our twenty years, we have paid out more than $500,000.00 into the local artist community.
  • All Winterfolk artists are very well paid. We put a value on their time and talent, and hope you do the same.
  • We don’t rely on ‘tip jars’ or ‘in performance donations’ to pay our artists.
  • Similar to last year, this is a financially tight time in our history. For the second straight year, unlike in the past, we have no revenues for wrist bands and ticket sales.
  • Winterfolk has no paid employees. We are fueled by an army of volunteers.

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