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Smokin Guitars of Winterfolk – Every year Winterfolk Blues and Roots Festival engages in special “preview” performances that showcase some of the finest emerging and established talent the city has to offer. We want audiences to get a glimpse, a teaser of what will be on offer for the upcoming festival. Most years there has been only one preview, but because of the enormous popularity of these events, Winterfolk will put on three previews in three different cities this year under the title THE SMOKIN’ GUITARS OF WINTERFOLK.

Artists include country swing band The Wanted, flying finger pickin’ Brian Gladstone, hillbilly swing duo HOTCHA!, folk music’s renowned duo Crabtree and Mills, guitar gal Marg Stowe, picking fiends D’Arcy Wickham and Erwin Schack, old timey treasure Mr. Rick, the illustrious Noah Zacharin, and the TRIO OF FUN starring Wendell Ferguson, Tony Quarrington and Ken Whiteley.

Jan 19, 2013 Port Perry

Salvatore’s Trattoria

1. The Wanted 7:00
2. Erwin Schack 8:00
3. Brian Gladstone 8:30
4. Mr. Rick 9:00- 9:25
5. HOTCHA! 9:30
6. Noah Zacharin 10:00

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