All Volunteers:

  • Arrive on time and check in at the reception area before going to your post
  • You are representing Winterfolk, so please be courteous and helpful to patrons, artists and the staff at venues, in order to leave them with a positive impression
  • During performances keep conversations quiet and to a minimum
  • Please silence your cell phone and only use it when necessary, while on shift
  • Familiarize yourself with the locations of the various venues so that you can direct people to them
    If you are unable to help someone or answer a question please refer them to someone who can, or to the Festival Reception area 


  • Greet patrons as they arrive and cheerfully engage in light conversation between performances; you are their main contact with the festival, please make them feel welcome
  • Check that everyone entering the venue has a wristband
  • Sell Wristbands
  • Hand out festival programs that include the schedule
    Never leave the cashbox unattended! Do not even go a few steps away, it should be within arm’s reach at all times
  • If you need to step away from the door for a moment, take it with you or ask another volunteer to sit in your place
  • Most venues have an arrangement with the festival that their “regular” customers can come in without a wristband 
  • Familiarize yourself with the locations of the various venues so that you can direct people to them
  • Ask patrons if they want to be added to the email list and ask them to sign the list.
  • You will be introduced to the collection person, who will visit several times during the shift and reconcile and collect cash, then count and issue more wristbands for sale.
  • This is the only person authorized to collect the gate.

Merchandise Table:

  • Arrange display area and keep it tidy
  • Give artists a receipt for the merchandise they drop off.
  • Write each CD title on the artist’s tracking sheet
    Mark each CD that is sold, on the tracking sheet
  • Make sure that the balance is correct
  • CDs are priced at $20 each unless they are EPs, for which the artist can choose the price
  • Keep track of other merchandise in the same way
  • Artists receive 80% of the amount their merch is sold for (e.g. artists receive $16 per CD sold at $20)
  • Calculate and verify artist’s payments
  • Return unsold CDs and merch to artists, along with their payment MAKE SURE THEY SIGN FOR THIS
  • Sell tickets for paid performances 

Instrument Storage:

  • Securely store instruments for performers.
  • Using paired tickets, secure one ticket to each item and give the other one to the artist
  • Write the artist’s name on masking tape, and attach to the instrument.
  • Store equipment in a space-effective way
  • Make sure instruments will not fall and are not in danger of being damaged
  • Only return instruments and gear, ask to see artist ID to ensure the name is correct, in exchange for tickets with corresponding numbers

Stage Manager:

  • Find and greet upcoming performers 30 minutes before their set. (if artists are not present check if they have back-to-back sets)
  • Notify festival staff if artist cannot be located 
  • Keep the timing of each performers’ sets
  • Sets must start on time
  • Sets end 15 minutes before the hour to allow time to remove equipment and set up for the next artist (regardless if they started late, the finish time is fixed)
  • Towards the end of the set (when artists are between songs) let them know how many minutes they have left (aim to give them at least 5 minutes warning)
  • Offer to help performers get on and off stage with equipment
  • Make sure artists have water and other things they need on stage
  • Work with the sound team to smoothly transition between performances
  • Can fill in for MC if not present


  • Sign in and be ready to fill in at a door, merchandise sales, instrument check or as a stage manager.
  • Work closely with volunteer coordinator to ensure that all areas have adequate coverage and are running smoothly
  • Go to each venue and give the volunteers there a break
  • Keep volunteer coordinator notified of your whereabouts so that they can find you if they need you

MC – Master of Ceremonies:

  • Welcome the crowd.
  • Reading from the script – Thank the sponsors of the event 
  • Mention ticketed performances
  • Mention the CD store & location
  • Introduce the next performer with a little background info (bios to be provided)
  • If you are on the evening shift you will need to stay until the end, thank the artist and
    wrap up the night
  • Perform Stage Manager duties if there isn’t one at the venue
  • When a community group brings their own organizer the MC will ensure that they don’t run over time by working closely with them to establish and maintain their performance schedule. 
  • At small venues with solo performers the MC will keep time and help them get set up etc.

Sound Assistant:

  • Take direction from Sound Tech
  • Please be respectful of the tech gear and artists’ equipment
  • Set up starts one hour before the first scheduled performance
  • Support artists with technical requirements as they get on and off stage
  • Help the Sound Tech and artists with equipment adjustments during the set where needed
  • Between sets help Sound Tech to clear the stage and organize cables
  • May need to cover sound mix duties for short periods
  • After the final evening performance reset the stage for the next day
  • Act as “runner” if sound tech is troubleshooting and needs extra equipment from another venue

Artist & Volunteer Services:

  • Register artists and volunteers when they first arrive at the festival
  • When volunteers register, verify all of their shifts for the weekend
  • Check volunteers in before they start their shifts and direct them to the appropriate person to pick up cash boxes for doors or scripts for MCs
  • Alert the Volunteer Coordinator positions are not covered 
  • After artists have completed their last performance they can receive their cheque
  • Offer performance schedules
  • Give directions and answer questions

Media Table:

  • The media person would be assisting the festival publicist with media who are attending the fest for reviews/interviews and taking footage of the concerts. 
  • Keep a media guest list, (provided by the festival publicist) and take note of all who arrive and when. 
  • Person at the media table is to welcome media (the publicist will provide a list of media attending) and alert the publicist to their presence/escort them to a particular stage or location if needed.
  • Along with the publicist, they will help facilitate any interviews which will happen at the media area – provided we have room for a “media area.”
  • Usually there isn’t room in the front at The Black Swan, so these take place in suitable areas decided on, at the point. 
  • Our current festival publicist is Beverly Kreller. Her personal business SPEAK Music is being represented here as well as Winterfolk, so please be at your best and most accommodating. 
  • Give the media list to the publicist at the end of the festival.


  • Surveys are not taken at every festival. The following is valid only if we are taking a survey. 
  • Cheerfully approach audience members at quiet times, in between sets or on the way in or out of the venues
  • Ask if they would mind answering a few questions, to help in the planning of Winterfolk 
  • Fill out the questionnaire
  • Omit any questions if the person does not want to answer
  • Bring completed surveys to festival reception area
  • We need about 200 for statistical accuracy
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