Feb 21 – 23, 2020

Photographic Guidelines

Photographic Guidelines

Feb 11, 2013

Winterfolk Photographers Guidelines 2014

These are general guideline/suggestions only.

Photographers Specifics

 flash – please respect the performers, and the audience, and limit the use of flash. Nobody appreciates having a flash go off in their face when they are performing. On the other hand, if using a flash is the only way to get a decent shot, you can use it sparingly off to one side of the stage or the other.

 photos of performers should show some audience interaction or other

unique events happening, we do not have much use of photos of performer only.

 what we do like are photos of the audience, audience interaction, full houses, happy smiling people, clapping, cheering, reacting, etc

 photos that tell a story

 photos of sponsor signage onstage (L&M for instance)

 photos of Winterfolk volunteers, CD table, etc

 photos without liquor, cigarettes, food in the subjects mouth or hands. It is a bar, of course, but not too obvious.

 please wear your Media badge during your schedule for ID purposes (if this applies)

 you are free to take other photographs for you own use, of course

 Photography Submissions

 upload to the Winterfolk Dropbox _____ as soon as possible after the festival

 watermarks – keep them small and to one corner

 supply high resolution JPEG

 make a selection of your best photos.

 make sure the photos submitted are of good quality, well lit, sharp, unobstructed with mike stands, etc.

 only submit photo’s that we have requested as above

 photographers will be credited for photographs used



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