Staff & Volunteer Duties

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Revised:(February 1, 2013)

MC – Master of Ceremonies

• Welcome the crowd.
• Thank the sponsors of the event
• Show the button and encourage donations to Winterfolk.
• Mention the CD store & location, maybe who is there after this set, script provided
• Introduce the next performer with a little background info (bios to be provided)

Stage Manager:

• Ensure next performer is there before the set. (Check if artist has back-to-back sets)
Notify site manager if artist not present. Keep the timing of the performers acts.
• Sets must start on time
• At 20 minutes before the hour give a “five minute” warning
• Sets should end 15 minutes prior to the next set, to allow artists to finish & remove their equipment from stage, and the next artist to set up, before top of the hour
• Help the performers off stage with equipment
• Facilitate next performer getting on stage to set up
• Can fill in for MC if not present
• NOTE: artists are permitted to sell CD’s from the stage during their time


• Greet guest arrivals
• Hand out performer schedules
• Encourage $10 donations to Winterfolk for button
• Give out buttons to those who donate
• Answer any questions or refer them to one of the staff.
• Be secure about the money collected
• Direct guests to various venues
• Ask if they want to be added to email list

Secure Instrument Storage

• Securely store instruments for performers
• Tape # tag on item and give other # tag to artist
• Keep guitars sitting up to save on space
• Hand out performer schedules
• Answer questions or refer them to the staff.

Merchandise Table

• Give artists receipts for their CDs when they bring them
• Use merchandise sign in sheets – count amount of each Title
• Sell artists CD’s.
• Assist the artists who are selling their own CDs.
• Make appropriate change.
• Direct people to hotel bank machine, cash only
• Hand out performer schedules
• Hand out location maps
• Verify Performers payments and have them sign the sheet
• Answer questions or refer them to the staff.

Media Table

• The media person would be assisting Beverly Kreller with media who are attending the fest for reviews/interviews and taking footage of the concerts.
• Keep a media guest list, provided by Beverly and take note of all who arrive and when.

• Person the media table to welcome media (make sure they have a schedule etc) and alert Beverly to their presence/escort them to a particular stage or location.
• Along with Beverly, they will help facilitate any interviews which will happen at
the media area (where hopefully we can have some logo posters or banners)


• Cheerfully approach audience members at quiet times, in between sets or on the way in or out of the venues
• Ask if they would mind answering a few questions, to help in the planning of Winterfolk XII
• Fill out the questionnaire
• Omit any questions if the person does not want to answer
• Hand in completed questionnaires to Vicki
• We need about 200 for statistical accuracy


• Sign in and be willing to be flexible as far as positions that may have come be available.
• Be knowledgeable of and prepared to do whatever is required of the other positions.


• Be pleasant and cheerful and SMILE!

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