Feb 21 – 23, 2020

Draft – Meeting Notes Jan 5, 2017

Winterfolk Meeting Notes Jan. 5, 2017

  • Send email to all volunteers from prior years (Brian)
  • Lindsey to reach out to GBC to appeal for volunteers
  • Brian to call Paul Cross – run radio program at Humber, to supply MC volunteers
  • Volunteers cannot see paid shows
  • Terri O’s is a good venue for community stages
  • Instrument lockup- Dora Dougal will check with John Maxwell
  • Jason LaPrade will bring sound equipment, and handle sound at Globe for Saturday and Sunday nights, check if he can leave his equipment in at Globe overnight (Dougal)
  • Jason will report to Kevin – Kevin needs to connect w Jason to ensure all is OK
  • Brian to get a design quote (ads)
  • Dougal – ads for the program – artwork due by Feb. 3
    • Brian to check w/ Brittany

Press releases:

  • Jan 9 for preview show Jan 21 (Bev)
  • Jan 16 artist lineup (Bev)
  • Feb 6 community release (Bev
  • Laura to promote on radio show every week before the festival, and James, Danny and Brad
  • Bev – spot on the morning show – Danny Elwell
  • Artist newsletters – Brian – will check with last years artists newsletters – keep them short and to the poing


Social Media:

  • Rosemary to create FB events for festival and preview show – get details from Bev
  • Bev to send Rosemary information for these

Feb 16  – Launch Party

  • Volunteers can get their wristbands this day (Jen)
  • Media can get their accreditation (Bev/Jen)
  • Posturing for festival – Elaine
  • Jen to create a private WF insiders group for Volunteers and ad all staff – Brian and her will be the admins.
  • Marci to volunteer at the festival? Be a mentor to Jen as needed.
  • Brian to update the volunteer poster link on the website that’s pointing to the old poster. (done)
  • Bev to f/u with artists to ensure state plots are in – 
  • Store hours at mission command to be determined once last acts are established
  • To purchase new cash boxes for doors – Jen / Brian can take inventory about 2 weeks prior to festial and determine what we need to purchase
  • 2 more banners for the stages – Dougal to get quotes
    • Brian to send him specs
  • Contact list for all staff – be avail 
  • To review suitcase contents two weeks before WF Jen / Brian 
  • Brian to take inventory of wristbands

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